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The best screen protectors for the TicWatch Pro

Sometimes, things don't look so professional when they are scratched to oblivion. That goes double for your Mobvoi TicWatch Pro, our current favorite Android smartwatch. Having a screen protector helps make your watch more durable, and prolongs its lifespan, which is important when you've just spent hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch.

Simple installation

Orzero Ticwatch Pro Screen Protector

The thin glass of the screen protector gives the sensation of feeling the original screen of your watch, allowing a more comfortable fit. The glass of the protector is 99.9% transparent also allows you to see the watch face without the HD screen of the TicWatch Pro being obscured in any way. The glass is also harder than the blade of a knife, and so can withstand a huge amount of pressure.

$7 at Amazon

Bubble free

SuperShieldz TicWatch Pro Glass Protector

The SuperShieldz 2.5 rounded edge glass screen protector is comfortable for both the fingers and the hand, and is large enough that it'll cover the whole screen instead of only a portion of it. Furthermore, the glass protector is bubble free and also has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that protects against sweat and reduces fingerprints.

$6 at Amazon

Completely shatterproof

Lamshaw TicWatch Pro Glass Screen Protector

In this Lamshaw product, expect to find three glass protectors made from AGC glass material that is 99% transparent, and does not affect touchscreen accuracy at all. It's also shatter- and explosion-proof, meaning that your watch will be safe against accidental drops, scratches and hard pressure. Furthermore, you'll also receive a cloth to help keep your screen protector clean from dust.

$8 at Amazon

Smooth glass touch

Soarking TicWatch Pro Glass Screen Protector

The Soarking TicWatch Pro screen protector is made from military-grade, yellow resistant material that makes it completely resistant to scratches and drop-damage. The protector fits the screen well, ideal for keeping the dust and the like off your watch's face, helped by the screen protector having a thin, round, but smooth glass surface that helps prevent fingerprint smudging. With three other screen protectors included in this package, you'll also be able to share it between family and friends too.

$7 at Amazon

Provides flawless touchscreen accuracy

EeKit TicWatch Pro Glass Screen Protector

Regardless of its thick, tempered glass, the EeKit screen protector still includes 99% transparency and maintains the original touch experience that you'd find on your Ticwatch Pro without the screen protector. The screen protector also has bubble-free adhesives to make installation of the screen onto the device much easier, and helps in resisting scratches and hard pressure.

$6 at Walmart


Diruite 4 Pack TicWatch Pro Screen Protector

Made from quality glass with a hardness that can withstand hard objects such as keys, and even explosions. The Diruite 4-pack screen protectors are ideal for users who want to keep their watch safe at all times. The screen has a 2.5 arc surface process, helping with installation as it will automatically fit around the watch's face.

$8 at Amazon

Finding a special screen protector can be difficult, but ultimately, the best will: prolong your watch's life, barely stand out, will allow you to see what's on your watch with no blurriness, and is completely shatterproof. For that reasoning, we believe that the Lamshaw TicWatch Pro Glass Screen Protector is the best screen protector for your TicWatch Pro.

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