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Get this Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition while it's in stock!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch is without a doubt the most popular game of 2020. This has been evidenced, in part, by how the special edition Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition console has immediately sold out just about every time an online retailer gets it in stock.

Turns out that Amazon has some available during Prime Day. So while this isn't a Prime Day deal per se, it's a great time to snatch up one of these tropical-colored Switch consoles before they sell out once more.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition

$299 at Amazon

It might not be a Prime Day deal per se, but the Animal Crossing Edition of the Nintendo Switch has been sold out for most of the year. Grab it now while it's actually in stock during Prime Day.

Whether you're a Nintendo fan or a hearty Animal Crossing fan, this is the perfect collector's item. The Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition stands out from other limited edition Nintendo Switch console since it is the only Nintendo Switch so far to come with a bright-colored dock. It features the Tanooki, Tom Nook along with his kids, Timmy and Tommy, standing on a small tropical island. Those ocean-green and sky-blue Joy-Cons put one in mind of a calming sea and pair beautifully with the cream-colored dock. There are even special Animal Crossing symbols and designs embossed into the casing on the backside of the main console.

This Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition will look absolutely charming when displayed on your media center or TV stand. But it's not guaranteed to be in stock much longer. Given how quickly it's sold out in the past, you should definitely pick it up while you can or you might just miss the chance to get it all together.

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