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Review: Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is an incredible three-in-one system

The Pure Humidify + Cool combines an air purifier with a humidifier and a powerful fan, leading to an incredible overall product.

Dyson has a variety of air purifiers targeted at different use cases. The Pure Cool TP04 does a great job with air purification, and the machine has a fan that blows cool air throughout the room. There's also a Pure Hot + Cool model that does the same, but you also get the ability to use it as a room heater.

Dyson's latest product in this series comes with an intriguing new feature that sets it apart: humidification. The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool works as an air purifier and has a powerful fan, but its standout feature is the built-in humidifier, making it a great all-round machine.

With air pollution already taking a turn for the worse in countries like India, the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool launches at a convenient time. The humidification part makes it an enticing option in Western markets, where colder weather in the coming months will lead to a decrease in indoor humidify levels.

I normally use a standalone air purifier along with a Xiaomi humidifier to maintain relative humidity levels between 50 to 60% within my home, and when Dyson launched the Pure Humidify + Cool, I was immediately interested. Retailing for $800 (₹55,999 in India), the Pure Humidify + Cool is not an affordable machine, but if you're getting a standalone air purifier, humidifier, and a good fan, you'll end up spending close to that figure anyway. So let's see what the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is all about, and whether you should pick it up.

Bottom line: The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool combines a fan, air purifier and humidifier in a single machine. The fan does a great job blowing cool air throughout the room, the humidifier ensures indoor humidity levels stay consistent, and the HEPA air purifier does a fantastic job purifying the air. If you're looking for versatility, nothing comes close to this machine.

The Good

  • Excellent at air purification
  • Humidifier regulates humidity levels
  • Bladeless fan delivers cool air
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Connects over Wi-Fi to Dyson Link app

The Bad

  • Costly
  • Not very portable
  • Gets loud

$800 at Dyson ₹55,900 at Dyson India

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool What I like

The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool shares the same design aesthetic as other Dyson air purifiers, but there are a few key differences. For one thing, the machine is shorter and rounder because of the built-in humidification system, and it is heavier as well. But it has clean lines, looks modern, and the perforated grille design with the dual-tone finish for the base makes it look very elegant.

The Pure Humidify + Cool retains an elegant design while adding a humidifier.

The main difference between the Pure Humidify + Cool versus regular Pure + Cool machines is that the base of the unit doesn't rotate anymore. There's a water tank built into the base, and the added weight with the humidification system means Dyson had to come up with another solution for the fan, and it did so in the form of vertical slits that run the length of the bladeless tower.

These slits are closed when the unit is not in use, and when they're active they do just as good a job as the Pure + Cool system at blowing cool air throughout the room. Because the base itself does not rotate, you get 45 or 90-degree oscillation versus the 350-degree oscillation on the Pure + Cool system. That isn't too big a deal because I never ended up using more than 90-degree oscillation on the Pure + Cool TP04 anyway.

A feature that I particularly like on the Pure Humidify + Cool is the LCD screen that sits above the base. The machine has built-in sensors to detect real-time PM2.5, PM10, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels, and it also shows the overall air quality index (AQI) that takes all these factors into account. The built-in sensor is pretty accurate, but you can always get an air quality monitor if you want granular data.

You can cycle through the various modes via the bundled remote, and you also get to see the indoor temperature and humidity levels. The remote itself is sleek and attaches magnetically to the unit, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

You can easily adjust the oscillation, adjust fan or humidification levels, change airflow direction, and use the new timer feature. The timer automatically shuts the machine down, and you get to choose from 30 minutes all the way up to 8 hours. Oh, and there's also a nifty night mode on the Pure Humidify + Cool that turns down the noise levels and dims the brightness of the screen.

The Pure Humidify + Cool has Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can control it by using the Dyson Link app. You basically get all the features of the remote, and the app shows real-time PM2.5, PM10, VOC, and NO2 data, including a detailed daily and weekly breakdown of these metrics.

While humidification is a new feature, the Pure Humidify + Cool is just as effective at air purification as the other Pure + Cool models. The unit has a 360-degree air intake with two HEPA filters located on either side of the base, and these filters clean up to 99.97% of allergens and particles as small as 0.3 microns. The Pure + Cool system has dedicated activated carbon and HEPA filters, but they are combined into a single filter on the Pure Humidify + Cool.

The built-in humidifier does a fantastic job regulating humidity levels, and it is easy to clean.

The air purification system working in conjunction with the fan ensures you get a steady stream of cool air throughout the room. The fan itself was good enough that I didn't feel the need to use an air conditioner, and the Pure Humidify + Cool also lets you control the direction of airflow. If you don't want to use the fan, you can direct the airflow to the back of the unit, and it will still purify and humidify the air but without the fan mode.

The standout feature on the Pure Humidify + Cool is the new humification system. The humidifier gets its own filter, and Dyson is using an ultraviolet light that removes 99.9% of bacteria in the water, ensuring the mist that comes out of the unit is clean and free of any germs or bacteria. The large water tank built into the base is easily removable, and holds a gallon of water. There's even a handle built into the tank to make it easier to carry it.

The Pure Humidify + Cool intelligently monitors real-time humidity levels and spays a mist of purified water to maintain the relative humidity to your preferences. You can either use the auto mode and have the machine automatically adjust the humification levels based on the temperature and indoor humidity, or set a manual level. So if you like having the humidity at 60%, you can set the machine to maintain that humidity level via the Dyson Link app.

In terms of performance, the Pure Humidify + Cool did an outstanding job. The unit produces invisible mist to maintain a constant relative humidity, and I immediately noticed a difference when using the Pure Humidify + Cool versus the regular Pure + Cool.

The best part about the Pure Humidify + Cool is that it's easy to clean and maintain. Dyson recommends a deep clean cycle once a month to ensure the humification system doesn't accumulate any germs. The Dyson Link app shows you when the machine is due for a deep clean, and the hassle-free maintenance makes the Pure Humidify + Cool a particularly great option.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool What needs work

Because of the built-in humidification system, the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is significantly heavier than the regular Pure + Cool models — it comes in at 18.28lb (8.2kg) versus 10.98lb (4.9kg). The added bulk and heft makes it hard to carry the machine from room to room.

The other downside is the noise levels. At its highest setting, the Pure Humidify + Cool can go up to 86dB, but in the week I used the unit, it kicked the fan level up to 10 only on one occasion, and that too for a few minutes as indoor PM2.5 levels rose to over 200 due to odors from cooking.

Another issue is that while the Pure Humidify + Cool connects over Wi-Fi, there's no way to control the machine via Google Assistant. Dyson has an Alexa skill that lets you control the unit via Amazon's digital assistant, but I rely on Assistant to control smart home gear, and its omission is a letdown.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool The competition

Right now, there's nothing that goes up against the Pure Humidify + Cool. Dyson's product is unique in its ability to offer both an air purifier and humidifier in a single unit. If you don't care about humidification, the Pure Cool TP04 is a great alternative that retails for $599 on Amazon.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Should you buy?

You should buy this if ...

You want a single machine for purification and humification

The Pure Humidify + Cool does a great job providing two distinct features in a single unit. If you're tired of using a standalone air purifier and humidifier and want a more seamless machine that does both, this is the ideal choice.

You want a machine with an elegant design

Dyson's design aesthetic is unmatched in this category, and the Pure Humidify + Cool looks premium while delivering great performance.

You're looking for a humidifier that's easy to maintain

Filling the water tank and cleaning the Pure Humidify + Cool is about as easy as it gets, and the hassle-free maintenance makes it a great choice.

You should not buy this if ...

You don't need a humidifier

The key differentiator with the Pure Humidify + Cool is the humidifier. If you don't see yourself using a humidifier as much, then Dyson's Pure Cool air purifiers will be a better fit for your needs.

You need something on a budget

Retailing for $800, the Pure Humidify + Cool is not what I'd call affordable. You are getting a lot of value for your money here, but if you are in the market for a budget option, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Dyson did an incredible job with the Pure Humidify + Cool. By integrating a humidifier into the Pure + Cool design, it created an all-in-one system that is perfect for home use. The machine excels at air purification and humidification, and the fan is an added bonus.

4.5 out of 5

The Pure Humidify + Cool is a unique product, and if you're looking for an air purifier that also doubles as a great humidifier, this is the only option in the market. The design is premium, you get excellent performance, and the easy maintenance makes it a standout overall option. Yes, it is costly at $800, but it is worth the asking price.

Bottom line: The Pure Humidify + Cool combines a humidifier with a fantastic air purifier and powerful fan. There's no other product like it, and if you're looking for a unified solution for air purification and humidification, this is the ideal choice.

$800 at Dyson ₹55,900 at Dyson India

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