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Black Friday Chromebook deals: $149 options from HP, $271 off Acer & more

Black Friday sales one some of the best Chromebook models have already started, and more of them are scheduled to take place over the coming days. Availability has been extremely limited for Chromebooks lately, and any chance you can buy one is a chance you should take advantage of. Retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and others have a few great Black Friday Chromebook deals going live, and we've been tracking all of them.

Here are all of the best Chromebook Black Friday deals you can take advantage of, so don't miss out.

Chromebook Black Friday Deals

Acer Chromebook 715 | $271 off at Walmart

This super-sized laptop is currently #10 in our Best Chromebooks because it's bulky but powerful. you get a 15.6-inch touchscreen and a full keyboard with a number pad.

$279 at Walmart

HP Chromebook 14 (14-CA061DX) | $170 off at Best Buy

HP makes bigger and beefier Chromebooks, but for a kid's first computer, the HP Chromebook 14 is a great match. You get plenty of ports and a 14-inch touchscreen, and while the Celeron N3350 processor isn't exactly new, it'll do just fine for homework, educational games, and the occasional YouTube binge.

$129 at Best Buy

HP Chromebook 14 (4a-na0061dx) | $140 off at Best Buy

$149 at Best Buy

Want a big-screen Chromebook without breaking the bank? Best Buy's deal on the HP Chromebook 14 gives you a large screen and an ample selection of ports for less than a decent tablet. The 14-inch 1080p screen will be great for watching YouTube— I mean reading digital textbooks, and the front-facing speakers are nice, too.

HP Chromebook 11 (11a-na0035nr) | $100 off at Target

$120 at Target

At 11.6-inches, this is small Chromebook is great for younger users, and while it's light on ports, that's what they make USB-C hubs for! At this low price, it's worth picking up just as a "backup computer" for someone in the family to use if they drop theirs or spill coffee on it.

Lenovo Chromebook 3 | $30 off at Walmart

$169 at Walmart

This dark little clamshell Chromebook is the perfect size (and price) for students who need a laptop that'll last them all day and can handle some homework and a Zoom call or two. It doesn't have a touchscreen, but the Lenovo Chromebook 3 will also get Chrome OS updates until June 2026, so if your kid takes care of it, it could last them half a decade.

Lenovo Chromebook S330 | $100 off at Walmart

$199 at Walmart

If you don't need a touchscreen, this 14-inch Chromebook is durable, long-lasting, and 33% off now. This model's technically a year old, but it'll be enough for distance learning and the average remote work workload.

HP 11.6-inch Chromebook Bundle | $20 off

If you are looking for a smaller Chromebook, this is the deal for you. It scores you the 11.6-inch HP Chromebook along with a 64GB microSD card, a USB extension cable, an HDMI cable, and a mouse pad all while saving $20 on the purchase. This is a great beginner bundle, so don't miss your chance to grab one while it's in stock.

$279 at Amazon

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 (CP311-3H) | $50 off at Target

Despite coming out less than two months ago, the latest Acer 11-inch Chromebook is already discounted at Target. This is the Chromebook I've been working on full-time for the last month, but be sure you're OK with 32GB of storage since there's no microSD slot.

$250 at Target

HP x360 14-inch 1080p Chromebook | $100 off

This 2-in-1 laptop will be live for $100 off on Nov. 30. It has an Intel Pentium Processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB of flash storage.

$299.99 at Costco

HP Chromebook x360 14c | $250 off at Best Buy

This is a very powerful and well-reviewed Chromebook. The specifications include an Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM, and 64GB flash storage that can be expanded using the microSD reader or by just taking advantage of the Google Drive and cloud storage integrations in Chrome OS.

$379 at Best Buy

HP 2-in-1 14-Inch Chromebook Bundle | $288 off at Best Buy

This deal is actually a bundle that saves you almost $300 when you purchase an HP Chromebook, JLAB Audio headphones, and Lenovo Smart Clock. These items would normally cost you about $700 if you were to purchase them individually, but since they all work so nicely together, you might as well grab them all at once.

$411 at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook | $200 off at Best Buy

$799 at Best Buy

Chromebooks with 4K screens are few and far between, and none are as sleek and sexy as the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. Even $200 off, this is still an expensive Chromebook, but you get a lot of power and even more storage for that price. This deal is also available in Mercury Grey.

We have actually been a bit surprised by the lack of Chromebook deals during Amazon's Prime Day and other recent savings events at other retailers. It looks like Black Friday is definitely going to be a bounce-back period for the Chromebook, but you'll still have to be a little patient to find the one you want. Remember there are several retailers that sell Chromebooks, including Google, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and others. We suspect that some retailers may hold some stock and offer some great Cyber Monday Chromebook deals as well so be on the lookout for them.

What you need to look for when buying a Chromebook

There's always a ton of specs and features you typically need to juggle when shopping for a laptop, but for Chromebooks, the buyer's guide can be summed up pretty well into four points:

  1. Get a touchscreen. — Unless you're anti-fun, there's no reason not to get a touchscreen model; they do not cost that much more and it's always worth it. Touchscreens make it easier to interact with Android apps as well as making it easier to do things like sign documents or zoom in precisely.
  2. Pick your screen size first. Decide right now if you want something compact (11.6 inches), mid-size (12.5-13.5 inches) or large (14-15.6 inches). Processors and storage are pretty standard across each size category, so size is one of the defining features you'll want to sort out early.
  3. 4GB of RAM is good, 8GB is better. — Most Chromebooks sold today come with 4GB of RAM, and 4GB is perfectly fine for running a video call plus a dozen or so tabs in Chrome. More RAM is always better, but 4GB is still okay. If it says it has 2GB of RAM — or 16GB of internal storage — close the tab and walk away.
  4. Check the expiration date!!! — Yes, Chromebooks come with expiration dates, after which they are no longer guaranteed to receive Chrome OS updates. It's called the AUE date, and they're listed for every single Chromebook model on Google's support page, so take 10 seconds and look the Chromebook in your cart up on this page. The shorter the time before a Chromebook's AUE date, the less time you have to enjoy the full benefits of your Chromebook. Most Chromebooks that launched last year have six years of support and most models launched in 2020 have eight years of support ahead of them.

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