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I'm buying these 25% off PopSockets for everyone on my Christmas list

These are the perfect stocking stuffers and there really is a style for everyone!

Cyber Monday is almost over, and while I haven't done quite as much of my Christmas shopping as I'd hoped — my family tends to buy themselves what they need, which means our wishlists are usually empty — I will have my stocking stuffers knocked out tonight because of the 25% deal for PopSockets on both Amazon and PopSockets.com. This means that every PopSocket style you and think of — and a couple you'd never imagined — are all more affordable today and even deeper into impulse-buy territory than normal.

"From Santa"

PopSockets Swappable PopGrips

Save 25% and save your hands from joint pain.

This pop culture phenomenon is more than a fashion statement; it's an investment in your health! Instead of using your pinky or the crook of your palm to hold your phone, PopSockets make it easier to grip your phone with more fingers and distribute the weight better.

If you're having trouble figuring out if a PopSocket would be a good stocking stuffer for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, the answer is absolutely! Not only do PopSockets help encourage holding your phone more ergonomically and give you a more stable experience when using your phone one-handed, but now that you can twist them off to swap between PopTops, they're more compatible with wireless charging, too. They also give you a place to show off some of your tastes or favorite franchises, and to show that there well and truly is a PopSockets style for everyone, here are the PopPockets I'm buying my family.

Dun-nun.... Dun-nun...

Shark Jump PopSockets PopGrip

My little sister, like me, can be a bit prickly towards others at times, and this PopSocket is both a proud statement and a warning to all who approach: swim at your own risk because if you cross us, we BITE!

$7.49 at Amazon

Lovely and understated

Wallflower Paper PopSockets PopGrip

This fun floral spread adds a bit of warmth and color to the world without being too eye-catching when she's teaching classes or doing lab visits during clinical.

$7.49 at Amazon

Roll Tide

Alabama A PopSockets PopGrip

My father isn't a die-hard Bama fan like my grandmother was — thank god — but he does sport some low-key Bama swag like ball caps, golf club covers, and golf towels. The Alabama A is instantly recognizable but isn't in-your-face about it.

$11.25 at PopSockets

Far out

Solar Flare Enamel PopSockets PopGrip

This PopSocket is nice and geeky without tying you down to one single franchise or show; it can be Star Trek nerdy or Star Wars nerdy or just "astronomy week at school" nerdy for my science teacher twin. (I'm the evil twin, if you're wondering.)

$11.24 at Amazon

Undercover untra-nerd

Boba Fett PopSockets PopGrip

Both my twin and her husband are huge Star Wars nerds, and Andrew, in particular, is a very big Boba Fett fan. This Boba Fett emblem is undercover nerdy, meaning it won't run afoul of office dress codes while looking awesome.

$11.24 at Amazon

PopSockets are one of those accessories that you wouldn't necessarily think you'd need, but once you start using one, it's hard to give up the added functionality and fashionability of the best phone grip on the market, which double as a kickstand and triple as a fidget toy during boring staff meetings.

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